Who Do Cheaters Actually Cheat With?

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There’s been a lot of articles written over the years about the reasons why people cheat, a topic that private investigators hear an awful lot about from former, current and even potential clients.


But while feelings of neglect, excitement and loneliness rule the “Why” category, there haven’t been a whole lot of studies conducted on the “Who,” as in where cheating partners actually find people to cheat with.


But in the few studies that have been done, the most common person those in unhappy relationships cheat with are close personal friends, people they’ve known for a good number of years and have long-term relationships in place with already.

What does reaserch show?

Research shows that this generally makes up about half of the extramarital affairs taking place in the United States today. And this makes a lot of sense, if you stop for a moment and really think about it.


If a husband or wife is having issues in their marriage, who are they most willing to talk to about their problems? A friend or confidant, of course.


And if those marital issues persist, the confiding becomes even more common. Eventually, that familiarity and comfort level grows and, well, one thing leads to another, as you’ve probably heard many times before.


Other groups that people cheat with include neighbors, workmates and family acquaintances. Particularly when it comes to women, casual hookups usually rank pretty low on the list, with “sex for money” ranking even lower.

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So what does this tell us? Well, first and foremost, it appears that cheating husbands and wives generally engage in marital infidelity with people who are familiar with them in one way or another.


While casual hookups do occur, particularly on business trips or at the office, they aren’t as common as one would generally think.


So if you suspect your husband or wife is cheating on you, keep this in mind and check out people who your significant other knows well or spends a lot of time with, either online or out in the “real world.”


If your suspicions continue to grow and you need some assistance along the way, find a professional private investigator in your area who has the experience and the reputation to help you look into the matter.


Extramarital affairs are no laughing matter. They can result in lives being destroyed, not to mention the financial ramifications of ending a marriage and going your separate ways after years together as a couple.


Divorce isn’t easy for anyone. But if your marriage has decayed to the point where one or both of you is cheating, a little short-term pain could be necessary to get you, and perhaps your spouse as well, to a much better point in your life.


Hire a private investigator because they are here to help and almost always have tons of experience in dealing with infidelity investigations. In fact, this is the so-called “bread and butter” of the private investigative world and something that private investigators and detectives have been very well trained in.


If you need help in your suspected infidelity case, contact our private investigator St Petersburg FL team or a  private investigator in your town or city who can help.


You’ll be glad you did!